Tipiesse for Sports


For the design of large sports facilities, Tipiesse enlists the collaboration of renowned specialised professional technical companies as well as internal staff in this specific context.


The resulting technical-design capacity, combined with our vast experience in this type of construction, allows us to assist our client from the early decision-making stages of the construction process, to identify types of buildings and structures that best fulfil specific requests.


The resulting sports facilities have great aesthetic impact, are functional, inexpensive to build and manage, are reliable and long-lasting.


Large facilities built to date have had a definitively beneficial impact in terms of quality enhancement on the urban areas where they are located.


sports facilities design

Tipiesse designs, builds and installs indoor and outdoor basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.





RESISPORT B (indoor)


Our synthetic floorings, are economical, practical and recyclable, and they do not need constant maintenance and are accessible all year round, ensuring considerable resistance to any weather, as well as remarkable resistance to wear, even when they are subject to very intensive usage.


Our Quality is certified and guaranteed.